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Blue Face Aran

Each skein of hand dyed yarn is unique. Colors will vary even within a specific colorway, so please be sure to order enough yarn for your project so we can try to assure the best possible match. I take new color pictures with each lot we receive to give you the best representation of the colors. Even with that, colors may appear slightly different as a result of monitor variances.

Please click on a color image for actual yarn and more color views.

.Blue Face Aran

Blue Face Aran
(double skein)

100% Bluefaced Leicester

Recommended needles:
8 US/5mm



Incredibly soft with excellent stitch definition.

Used in our
Thrum Mitten Kit
Thrummed Mobius Kit



Color Seastorm

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Color Marine

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Color Amber

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Ruby Red
Color Ruby

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Color Stone

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Color Olive

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Thrum Mitten
Fish Hat
Cobblestone Jr
Thrum Mitten in 'Peacock';
click here for details
Fish hat in 'Marine';
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Cobblestone Jr
knit in 'Marine';
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Mobius knit in "ruby";
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Thrummed Moebius

Thrummed Moebius, $44
designed by Cat Bordhi knit in
Blue Face Aran